File Sync & Share

Sharing files with customers, suppliers and contractors has always been a painful task for companies. Employees typically resort to emails to share small files and cumbersome FTP services to share larger files. These traditional methods along with the rapid rise of consumer cloud services allows employees to bypass IT and adopt insecure file sharing tools to ‘get the job done’. This poses a significant security risk for companies looking to secure their files online.

How Royer’s solves this

We have partnered with Egnyte for our online file sync and share solutions.  File Sync & Share combines the ease of use and flexibility both employees and partners want along with the security and low maintenance IT needs. Files stored online can be easily accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the world. There are multiple access methods for every device, ensuring a familiar file sharing experience for every user. However, unlike traditional file sharing methods, security and privacy is never compromised for ease-of-use.

  • Mobile app file sharing for smartphones and tablets
  • Intuitive web interface for easy online access
  • Secure shared folders with granular permissions

Mobile File Sharing

As mobile adoption increases in the workplace, users need easier access to their business files from any smartphone or tablet. The mobile application provides online file sharing from any device, anywhere they go.  It is your data, you should have access wherever and whenever you want too.  Securely access, share, upload and manage files from Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Online files can even be downloaded and saved for offline access.

Web Browser Access

Users can access, share and manage their online files from any web browser. The web browser User Interface provides functionalities such as file upload, download, search, preview, editing and sharing. The web UI also allows folder owners to set granular permissions, so they’re always in control of who can view or modify their files.

Online Shared Folders

File Sync & Share lets users create shared, permission-based folders, which serve as the focal point of a sustained collaborative effort. Online folders can correspond to a project, department, or client, allowing both employees and customers to securely access folders from anywhere.  Numerous additional collaborative capabilities such as file versioning, locking, file annotations and notifications to promote collaboration between employees and partners.